Disclosure Policy

Slightly Peckish is committed to being open about the relationship that A and C have with marketing and public relations folks. In this spirit, we have decided to place our disclosure policy front and centre on our blog. This is so our readers can see how we flag sponsored content in its various forms and marketing and PR professionals can understand how we deal with sponsored content.

We want to continue to be impartial in our writing but we also want to be honest and open about accepting freebies or money. For us, that includes telling our readers that we are interacting with brands, marketing and public relations people. We know it's a bit dry, but it's important, so here it is: our disclosure policy.

Blog Disclosure:

As our blog has grown, we have noticed increasing interest from brands and their representatives. This is great, but we recognise that there is a potential conflict of interest here. As a result, we want to make it clear in certain posts that we have interacted with a brand in some way.

Whenever we post content which has been sponsored in one way or another, we will put up one of the following paragraphs at the bottom of the post:
  • Featured Content: A and C did not pay for [item]. A and C enjoyed [item] courtesy of [brand] but did not accept additional payment for this post.
  • Sponsored Content: A and C received information regarding [brand] via a public relations or similar source. A and C did not accept payment of any kind for this post.
  • Paid-for Content: A and C did not pay for [item]. A and C enjoyed [item] courtesy of [brand] and accepted additional payment for this post.

Social Media Disclosure:

Where Slightly Peckish features content of any kind, including posts which contain Featured Content, Sponsored Content or Paid-for Content, we often update social media channels with additional material (Facebook posts, tweets, etc.). We will endeavour to make it clear in our social media posts that we have interacted with a brand to make it clear that the content in question is sponsored in some way. Exactly how we flag this will depend on conventions used a given social media platform.  We like to keep down with the cool kids!

If you have any questions regarding our disclosure policy, please do get in touch with us. This can be done via our twitter or facebook pages, or you can email us at slightlypeckish@gmail.com.


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