Two Londoners eat, drink and blog their way around the world.
C works in social media, and has eyes bigger than her stomach.
A is a food nerd and corporate lawyer, working in the City.

Curious to know a little more? Cast your eyes over the below and see if it answers your question...

Who are you both, and what do you do?
C works in digital and social media - and she loves her food. Her other loves in life include travelling, strong women, dance, her cat Jasper and A. Find her here.
A is a corporate lawyer in the City. When not shuffling paper at the office he enjoys literature, exercise and remorselessly teasing C.

Together, they're a London-based married couple constantly on the hunt for the best eats: you'll find them exploring restaurants, bars, pubs and pop-ups. A's a fan of cooking (and C a fan of baking and taste-testing), so expect to read posts about recipes, the occasional dinner with friends and so on.

Which camera do you use?
We shoot with a Nikon D5000 (and/or the good old iPhones and Androids). We also have a variety of lenses between us.

What's your favourite cuisine?
C: Agh, so tough to say! Probably Middle Eastern (particularly Lebanese and Persian), along with Italian and Indian. I also love cheese, which you'll most likely find becoming a recurring feature of this blog - and I can never turn down cake or chocolate.
A: Reflecting my heritage, I grew up on a mix of Middle Eastern and Central/Eastern European Jewish fare and that is close to my heart.  I'm also not a man to turn down a curry and have been known to enjoy (and later regret) the odd kebab at the end of a night out.

I work for a company / restaurant / food brand and want to drop you a line.
Lovely! We'd be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us here, or send us a tweet or follow us on Instagram.


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