Hello! Thanks for stumbling across our little corner of the internet. This is where we talk about our lives as Londoners who eat, drink and travel our way around the world.

C works as a Client Director in a London ad agency, and has eyes bigger than her stomach: she has a serious sweet tooth. Her other loves in life include travelling, feminism, dance, yoga, her cat Jasper, and her husband (and co-writer), A.

A is a food nerd, hobbyist chef and corporate lawyer, working in the City. When not shuffling paper in the office, he enjoys literature, exercise and remorselessly teasing C.

We're also due to be joined in April 2019 by a new addition to our little family - who will also no doubt love her food!

We live in Greenwich/Deptford borders, on the outskirts of central London. We're Londoners born and bred - we while we travel all the time, we couldn't bring ourselves to live anywhere else.

If you want to drop us a line about your restaurant, bar, cafe, product or anything else, contact us at slightlypeckish@gmail.com or on the old Instagram and we'll get back to you.


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