Review: Isla Ray, Deptford

Another day, another trendy opening in Deptford (this isn't, of course, the first time we've reflected on the change in the place over the years). You'll find it on the High Street, nestled just along from Percy Ingle and the bargain stores, in that sort of quirky almost-out-of-place, up-and-coming, here-come-the-people-who-would-have-moved-to-Peckham-but-have-been-priced-out sort of way that similar joints have cropped up in the area recently, and as long-time locals, that always gives us some mixed feelings.

But - that's not to sound like we're not happy that Isla Ray has opened: it's a really lovely joint serving up great food, and it took over a disused unit and turned it into a great new feature on the high street, which in our books can only be a good thing.

A cafe and bar, possibly the best thing about Isla Ray (in C's humble opinion) is the decor: it's casual, comfortable and very retro and tropical, with lots of greenery, a coloruful yellow bar, and all that purposely clashing mix-and-match furniture and crockery that for some reason we all love so much!

The brunch/lunch menu is simple, but tasty. We actually went spontaneously after a cheeky Chelsea bun stop at Percy Ingle, and so weren't in need of a huge brunch, so tried the overnight oats with berries, vanilla and yoghurt and the yoghurt bowl with honey, seeds and fresh fruit. Both were very reasonable at £3.50 each.

The yoghurt bowl in particular was absolutely delicious - and the fruit selection was top notch (pineapple - hurrah!).

Other options on the menu were cooked treats like avo on toast and open sourdough sandwiches. We're sure these were just as good, but we just didn't need anything huge on our visit. The place clearly takes inspiration from the Antipodean cafe scene, and it really works in Deptford, too.

Isla Ray, we understand, also does live music, open mic nights and some seriously good cocktails in the evening, which we'll be trying as soon as pregnant C can consume alcohol again / has the energy to go out beyond 9pm of an evening!


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