Food Abroad: Amsterdam's least grimy coffee shop?

C's work takes her away from London from time to time, and not too long ago she found herself going back and forth to Amsterdam on a project. Never one to miss out, A tagged along for a long weekend, and in typical style, we ate our way round the place. There are plenty of good eats in Holland, but many tourists also come here to partake of a certain mind-altering herb. 

If you're in the older parts of the city around the train station, you can't really avoid the coffee shops (as the cannabis bars are known). Most of these are pretty seedy looking establishments with a rather grungy vibe, but there are the odd one or two that are quite cute. One such one is Munchies, which rather than being a dark dive that stinks of pot, is an airy cafe with a wide menu and a "smoking room" next door.

We stopped by for brunch because we were in the area and pretty hungry. It was hard to find a nice place to eat without a significant walk, and it was rammed full of happy stoners stocking up on calories as they waited to come down. 

Whilst we didn't partake of any weed, it's a pleasant enough place to stop by for brunch, which, as the photos testify, was easy on the (red)eye as well as on the palate. We ordered a portion of french toast, and a bowl of granola, along with a coffee and a cup of tea. All hit the spot - and looked beautiful too.

Munchies gets a solid recommendation from us!


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