Review: An Ode To The Greenhouse, Deptford

So, we need to talk about Deptford. 

We've mentioned this before (see our Dirty Apron review here), but the place is transforming faster than we can write about it. When we moved to Greenwich, nobody really went here. Now, we find ourselves out there more often than we do in Greenwich itself. 

This is literally the best brunch in SE London

Barely a week goes by without a new opening of an arts space, cafe, up and coming designer clothing retailer, succulent specialist or grilled cheese emporium. Arran jumper wearing hipsters are increasingly jostling for space with the bemused locals, and it's been fascinating to watch the change.

At the vanguard of the "Deptford Revolution" is the Greenhouse. It's been there a good while and you can see why it's doing well: it quite simply is our favourite place to eat locally.  We flippin' love this joint, no two ways about it.

Smoked salmon brunch option

Why you may ask - the place looks so unassuming, covered in graffiti on New Cross Road. The answer is simple and can be summarised in a single word: brunch. It's amazing. Just look at the photo above. It looks like a work of art. It tastes tastes better than it looks, and we've barely ventured beyond the veggie option.  

Granola bowl

When we have strayed away from the halloumi and avocado platter, everything has been just as good. The pastries are fabulous, and the granola is beautifully presented, wholesome and all round outstanding.

Hipster heaven: matcha latte and a gluten free brownie

We urge you to come here and try it. If you're anything like us, you'll be back, and you'll be bringing all your friends too!



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