South America's Best Ice Cream: An Ode to Emporio La Rosa

Ah, Emporio La Rosa. This place is the stuff of legends: as soon as I told anyone I knew who had been to Chile that I was flying into Santiago and looking for food recommendations, this was always the first place they mentioned.

Don't just take everyone else's word for it - according to their website and every guidebook out there, this unassuming ice cream shop in a park has the title of "one of the best 25 ice cream shops in the world".

And unassuming it really is - it's a small place at the edge of Santiago's main park, a few streets away from the main Plaza de Armas, with a handful of tables outside and barely any room to move inside. There's one counter with a decent but not overwhelming choice of flavours: they know what they do, and do it well, and have been doing so since they opened in 2001.

C tried the lemon, butterscotch and rose flavours, and all were simply incredible: creamy and tangy and wonderful. To put it simply, let me echo the advice of anyone who's been to Santiago: if you're going to Chile, go here.


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