The Gun Gastropub, Docklands

We're back! And in a new part of town. C achieved a minor miracle in convincing North Londoner A to move south of the Thames: proud first time homeowners, we're now settling in to our new house in Greenwich. It's a part of town we've loved for years, and it's also brought with it a whole new food scene for us to explore.

To celebrate our move and mark our anniversary, we decided to ignore our looming mortgage and go out for a hearty lunch. We'd heard good things about The Gun, a gastropub in Coldharbour (the bit of the historic Docklands next to the brilliantly named Mudchute, which also hosts a llama park - it's a special bit of London) and decided to give it a try.

Son of a... This place is good!

Once the local of cannon makers for the Royal Navy, The Gun is now tucked away amongst rows of two-up-two-down workers’ cottages and gleaming skycrapers. The place itself is full of character: there are several cosy rooms and a covered riverside terrace - apparently Nelson used to meet his mistress for secret trysts here (ooh-er!).

The place now seems to cater to a rather more sedate crowd of city types who care about good, interesting pub grub and the place offers a pretty broad array of fare, both in terms of the usual menu and the specials. When we visited, options on the Sunday roast front included roast beef, pork, chicken and, unusually, a special menu option of kid.

Roast goat? You've got to be kidding me!

C jumped at the chance to try the kid and was very impressed. The meat was succulent and flavoursome, served bright pink and with a wonderfully tender, lamb-like texture. Sides were also magnificent: fresh seasonal greens, herby, duck fat potatoes and a side of oozy cauliflower cheese.

Rather a fan of game, A had a bash at the roast loin of wild Suffolk fallow deer with hazelnuts. This came as a combination of slices of roast meat and a venison faggot (which, for overseas readers, is a type of meatball generally made of offal or off cuts and typical of Wales and the Midlands). This dish was not for the faint hearted and packed a pretty meaty punch - the faggot in particular had a very ‘high’ flavour and this was topped off with the rich dark chocolate and juniper jus. A loved it, but a warning that if you’re not used to game, it could well have been a bit much.

Spice up your crumble

For dessert, we both tried the fruit crumble special, which came with a crunchy top and spiced cider ice cream. It tasted like Christmas, in the best possible way.We washed the meal down with a glass of white and a pint or two of Koestrizer - A's favourite treacly, malty, chocolaty black Saxony lager, so he was pleased.

We really liked The Gun: we rolled out extremely full and satisfied with the ample portion sizes you don't often get at higher end gastropubs nowadays. Well done guys - you lived up to the hype!  


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