OXO Tower Completion Lunch

From time to time as a thank you for putting in some pretty long hours, A gets taken out for a completion dinner. On one such occasion, A's former boss - Partner G - took a team of four more junior lawyers out to lunch to as a thank you for working several graveyard shifts on four recent deals. G was obviously feeling flush because he pulled out all the stops and took the team to the OXO Tower, a chic contemporary European restaurant on London's South Bank. A canvassed opinions at the end of the meal, and this post showcases the panel's findings.

People went for a variety of starters, with the one of the most popular being crab meat cannelloni. This was flavoursome and generally speaking very good, but there was some consensus that it was let down for being just a bit too sweet. The combination of crab meat, sweet potato, apple, chestnut and vanilla was very tasty, but we felt that that some acidity would have improved the dish. As you can see though, the presentation of the food was immaculate and our grumble was minor.


For mains, two of the party went for lamb, two for venison and one for fish. All five were extremely satisfied: A can certainly vouch for the venison, which was outstanding. Venison has a strong flavour and this was no exception, but the red cabbage and blue cheese beignets were flavoursome enough not to be overpowered by the game. A couldn't get enough.


If there is one area that was controversial, it was the sides - particularly the chips. The general consensus was that they were excellent, and A tended to agree. They were clearly double, if not triple cooked, and were brilliantly crunchy. However, A differed from his colleagues in that he felt the chips were over-salted, which was a pity since the consistency was so good.


Partner G also went all out on the wine. Alongside a bottle of Moët, he also ordered a wonderful Margeaux: Château Siran (2007). This wine has an incredible nose, is packed with fresh berry flavours and is not too heavy on the tannins. Given that all bar one of us was eating red meat, the wine worked brilliantly. If you ever see this in a vintner or a supermarket, get some. It's excellent and can be obtained for quite reasonable prices given its quality.

Chocolate Fondant

Thanks to Partner G for a cracking lunch and well done to OXO Tower for stepping up and providing it.

Treacle Tart


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