London -> South America -> South East Asia -> London

We are back! Why the blog interlude, you ask? It was all going so well with Vegetarian January and then silence, you say? To this, we hang our heads in shame and admit: it's been a little busy round here the past couple of months.

Mekong Delta Floating Market, Vietnam

As a summary, it goes a little like this - and we've even kept it roughly chronological, you lucky things:

To kick things off, C finished a contract working on all things social media at a large retailer. Simultaneously, clever A got a new job as a hotshot corporate lawyer in the city (C wrote this, by the way: A did not call himself hotshot, though may be secretly pleased with this description).
C then left London behind to go travelling around beautiful, mesmerising Chile and Argentina for the best part of a month and fell head over heels in love with South America and its scenery, nightlife and steak (farewell, Vegetarian January). A worked his socks off in London while C was off gallivanting and finished up at his old job. We took a brief interlude between travels to cavort off to The Brits with K&J and to the gorgeous wedding of M&J. And just because we hadn't had enough fun, we then hopped on a plane bound for Bangkok and had the time of our lives exploring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam over the course of a month.

...And finally, we arrived home last week.


Spring Rolls: New Obsession

All this has meant that while we've eaten some amazing food over the past few months, finding time to blog about it has been nigh on impossible. But here we are! Returned! And about to bombard our dear readers with an onslaught of assorted food from around the world. Are you ready?

This is why we haven't been blogging...


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