Kopapa: An Excellent Brunch

Ever the trendies (haha - we wish), A and C have been checking out some pretty fashionable eateries of late, one of which is the excellent Kopapa

Be warned: this post will be full of us gushing about how great this place is. If you don't have time to read all of it, here's the take-home message: GO HERE. It's really rather brilliant, and we're kicking ourselves for only having discovered it recently.

Kopapa is a kiwi cafe and restaurant in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden and, while they do have a full menu, the place is perhaps best known for its innovative and delicious weekend brunches, which they serve from 09:30 to 16:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. While you can just pitch up and get a table, this can't be guaranteed, and booking is probably advisable. Undeterred, we rolled in at about one o'clock on a Saturday afternoon after a spot of shopping in the West End to find that happily, another couple had just finished and there was a table with our name on it (so to speak).

Kopapa itself has a really nice vibe: it's the sort of place that lots of yuppies and creatives flock to, though these aren't the annoying oh-check-out-my-fashion-fanzine-about-vintage-Bolivian-cloggs types that you get in Shoreditch or Dalston. Rather, the people who were frequenting Kopapa on our visit looked like young record label execs, PR professionals and weekend city boys (so basically, people like us, except cooler), who go for excellent brunches. The place is perhaps a few pounds a head too expensive for hipsters, too, but we thought it was worth it - we were very happy campers, at least.

Simply put, the food at the place is absolutely outstanding.

A went for the Chorizo hash with 2 fried eggs, rocket, sriracha chilli sauce & crispy shallots and, while red and white mush is not usually what one goes for at breakfast-time, the results were excellent. The flavours of the sausage, herbs and potato were finely tuned, and the eggs were done to perfection. The yolks seeped through the mixture, imparting a wonderful richness to the rest of the dish. A was very satisfied.

C's not much of a one for savoury breakfasts generally (the exception being a good fry up or an amazing Duck Eggs Benedict), so she opted for the spiced banana French toast with grilled bacon, orange blossom labne, tamarind raisin relish & orange vanilla syrup. Was it as good as it sounded? Yes, without a doubt. Although it wasn't perhaps the prettiest-looking brunch (see above for evidence), don't be put off by this - it was divine. Banana is flavour of the month for C right now, and she couldn't have been happier with the spiced French toast version of it, while the bacon was crispy (and just on the right side of too much so) and contrasted the sweet flavours brilliantly. While her dish bore no resemblance at all to A's choice, it's fair to say C was just as happy.

A tea and coffee rounded off a lovely meal and, as so often with our weekend food excursions, we left satisfied and would heartily recommend a visit. There are many good brunch places in London, but Kopapa has to be one of the absolute best.


  1. It is so good there; the next time you go, try the Turkish eggs - yum!!


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