A Vegemitey big kerfuffle

A (who is the "I" in this post) has a confession to make: I'm a traitor to my nation and indeed to my hemisphere. I like Vegemite. I even prefer it to Marmite. There. I said it, and it feels good to get it off my chest. In a rare opinion piece, I'm going to defend my heretical position in this land of Marmite-eating Poms and immigrant Vegemite eaters.

Clash of the Titans

Don't get me wrong, I am no Marmite hater. When I used to work in France as a student in a residential holiday camp, I wouldn't leave Blighty for the summer without at least one 500g jar of the stuff in tow. The French kids I used to work with wondered why I had my own special Nutella, until some of them tried it, only to have a nasty shock. I'll happily guzzle the stuff given half a chance.

A fresh pot - not for long!

But...if given the choice, I will always go for Vegemite. Ethically, this is difficult to justify: Vegemite has to be flown 10,000 miles across the globe to reach my plate, and consequently it costs a fair whack more than its domestic cousin.

However for me, Vegemite has some distinct advantages. Firstly, there's the consistency. Marmite is kind of runny, like honey. Vegemite has the consistency of margarine, meaning you don't spend ages twiddling the knife as it comes out of the pot or dribbling the stuff all over the sideboard as you smear it all over your toast. It melts pretty much on impact with the bread though, so you're not destroying your soliders as you're buttering them up ready to dip in your soft boiled egg.

A true hero

Then - and this is the deal breaker - there's the flavour. It tastes better. Marmite has kind of sour aftertaste that Vegemite just lacks. It's that final kick that makes all the difference for me. I'm a big fan of sour and bitter flavours, but Marmite has a slightly more raw edge when compared to Marmite. Consequently, I'll reach for the straight sided pot over the bulbous one almost every time.

Breakfast of Champions: Vegemite, boiled egg and a dusting of cayenne pepper

I can take your abuse, Blogosphere UK. Do your worst...


  1. I've never tried Vegemite before, but given your enthusiasm, I'll definitely pick some up if I see it!

    1. Thanks for your comment Michelle! A is definitely a big Vegemite fan, and I (C) agree that it's worth trying too - although I still prefer good old Marmite. Follow up post presenting the case for Marmite over Vegemite to follow this week... ;)


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