A Leeds Brunch (Day 1)

Ok, perhaps we shouldn't mock the provinces as much as we do. We love London, but it appears that it's not the only place to be after all. A's brother K finally left the safety of the London Orbital last summer after the better part of quarter of a century to relocate to Leeds, where he now works as a doctor. Along the way, he appears to have sorted himself out with a wonderful flat in a converted factory near the city centre, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the best places in Leeds to get food. The latter was certainly put on show over the weekend that A and C spent in the frozen north recently: we were treated to splendid meal after splendid meal and we left mightily impressed with how well you can live in Yorkshire as a young professional couple.

Meltons Mowbray in your mouth
Perhaps the amazing food isn't so surprising: K and his girlfriend J are aspiring food bloggers (their blog is still a work in progress, but when it's up and running we'll be shouting about it as the prototype looks brilliant) and both are serious foodies. Probably even more so than A and C, K and J are really interested in the detail of their food, looking carefully at where things come from and how they are made. This shows, as the food they turn out is consistently excellent and they are among the best of the keen amateur cooks that A and C know.

Say cheese!
K, who is keen on his kitchen gizmos, owns a cheese baker which is specifically designed to fit a standard camembert. A mocked him a bit for this as such a device seemed like an extravagance. "Ah!" K said, "You see, a camembert baker allows the cheese to bake evenly, and what's more no does longer   it leak all over the box and baking tray, saving you washing up time." Twenty minutes later, A was left eating some humble pie alongside the Melton Mowbray pork one. The camembert was served evenly cooked throughout and the device went straight in the dishwasher. One more first world problem has been solved.

Meats me
We don't know where the meats were sourced from, but J and K know plenty about this sort of thing: a portion of the weekend was spent enthusing about the advantages of dry cured bacon over the normal stuff. J's father used to buy pork products for a major supermarket and has imparted a lot of knowhow - there was a long discussion about, amongst other things, brine injection and salt/spice rubs. As the platter was delicious, we assume that K'd done his homework on salamis and pies and had picked stuff out that he felt would pass muster. We do know that he sourced the bread from Morrison's, but we won't hold it against him - this was meant to be an easy brunch, after all, and you can't do everything.

K's wonderful brunch
 A and C would like to thank K and J very much for their hospitality; it was certainly appreciated and, with food this good, we can't wait to come again.


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