Mooli's: Soho Indian Street Food Heaven

Street food is huge at the moment; so big, in fact, that even Britain's most successful supermarkets are planning to start stocking it in store. While we're a little confused as to how the freshness, spontaneity and individuality of street food buys would translate to a mega-store, the fact still remains: the street food scene is massive, and it's only set to get bigger.

Before turning freelance, C worked in Soho for a good while and rapidly learnt two very important things: one, that tourists always walk incredibly slowly and bring even the calmest Londoners out in uncontrollable rages; and two, that there are an abundance of excellent places to go for lunch (hence the rise of blogs such as What’s For Lunch Soho). C regrets to say that she didn’t truly appreciate this when she actually worked in the area, and it was only after turning freelance and working in other bits of London that the realisation occurred (“What? There aren’t at least 30 possible independent eateries for me to buy a good quality lunch under £5 within a 5 minute walking radius of my desk?”).

Nowadays, she really misses the variety of cafés and takeaways on offer in Soho; and so, finding herself near Piccadilly Circus one lunchtime this week, she popped in to one of her old and confirmed favourites – Indian street food joint Moolis.

It's a wrap

The concept of the food at Moolis is really quite simple: for the uninitiated, Moolis are wraps, filled with meat such as chicken, beef or goat or a veggie option such as paneer cheese or chickpeas. Along with the main element of the wrap, you also get a variety of other delicious fillings - such as lentils, coconut, raita, pomegranate salsas, coriander, red onions, tamarind, chutney, mango, cumin and more.
One of C's old work colleagues once described Moolis as "Like a burrito, but better", and C would tend to agree: think of it like the Indian equivalent, and you more or less get the picture.

C's tirelessly worked her way through the menu over the years in her attempt to ascertain The Best Mooli (it's a hard task, but someone has to do it) and, while it's a tough call, her favourite is still the first she tried, and probably the simplest: the chicken. Subtly spiced, the chicken comes with lentils, pickled turnips, fenugreek and raita. Simple enough, but amazing.

Going to the Moolis

Moolis isn't just great for the food: the venue itself is brilliant. Put simply, the place doesn't take itself too seriously: think bright colours, fun furniture, friendly staff and fun interactive pin boards and you begin to get the idea.

And finally, a word of warning: Moolis website opens with the line “Warning: Moolis are seriously addictive.” This is not an idle threat: they really are. Grab just one Mooli one day and you’ll be spoiled for life – you’ll even get cravings. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Soho good


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