A pie-ping hot British lunch

C is currently working on a job about two doors down from A's firm, and in the few weeks that C has been working there, it has been impossible to grab lunch together. All this changed last Friday, when C and A agreed to set aside the full hour and go out for lunch at Leather Lane, a street market around the corner from Hatton Gardon and not too far from their two offices. A and C had originally planned for a light lunch, but they absolutely failed in this respect and found themselves sitting inside Pie Minister's cafe at the top of Leather Lane, seconds away from the Real Man Pizza Company.

Pie, up close and personal
While this was indeed an indulgent and rather calorie-heavy lunch, the pies on offer were too good to resist. Both A and C opted for the ham, leek and cheddar option. A was initially disappointed that they'd run out of venison, but he needn't have been as the ham hock available was great.

The first thing to say is the Pie Minister is FAST; as fast as any fast food joint, but miles better. We had our pies in a a couple of minutes, and sat ourselves down at one of the cafe's counter tops to tuck in. Then there is the small matter of the presentation: the stack of mash and pie and peas looks really rather tempting and fun, and neither A nor C could wait to get involved.

Calorie Free Lunch

Happily, the pies tasted as good as they looked. The pastry was firm and buttery, the mash was creamy and smooth and the peas were spot on: not too watery or grainy. A doesn't usually like mushy peas too much but for some reason he felt like them that day and the decision to add them at the last minute was the right one. The gravy was also jammed full of flavour and the result was just divine. Both A and C left stuffed and extremely happy customers.

If we have one criticism, it's that Pie Minister isn't the cheapest lunch - you don't see change from a tenner for a pie, mash, peas and a soft drink - but the pies are of good quality and if this is your main meal of the day, then it becomes a viable option. Frankly, the pies are so good that it is worth treating yourself to one.

Pie piled high

A couple of problems did arise as we left: neither C nor A really wanted lunch to end, and both ran the risk of falling asleep over their desks. A returned to his desk via the coffee machine, where he made himself an extremely large espresso to keep him awake through the afternoon.

Pie minister can be found all over the UK and on the Continent, and many supermarkets and other places stock them too. In parts of the UK, they even deliver so you don't even need to go out for one if you don't want to. However, if you do see a pie minister cafe, make the most of the opportunity and a-pie within.

The stylish, modern interior


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