Real Men (and C) Eat Pizza

C and A like any excuse for a meal out and yesterday provided a perfect opportunity: A had just received good news from work and took the chance to drag C out.  After assessing a couple of wildly named options around Clerkenwell, we plumped for a place which had piqued our interest before, but which we'd not yet tried out.  Along the Clerkenwell Road, between all the media types' offices, is the Real Man Pizza Company (a warning about the link: if you use it, turn your speakers down. When you open it, nu-metal blares out at top volume). The place is a curious blend of Manx and Italian influences which seemed too inventive a local not to write about.

Traditional Manx fare
The idea of The Real Man Pizza Company is to take simple fresh ingredients from the Isle of Man and Italy and to create a welcoming trattoria mixing the two cuisines.  The result is quite inventive: scallops or British chillis on pizzas, Isle of Man queenies and crabs with linguine and lots of Isle of Man beers.  As we understand it, the place takes freshness pretty seriously, making their pasta daily on site. The decor on the inside is plain but sleek, with wooden benches and bright clean lines making for a pleasant communal atmosphere. The maitre d', a flamboyant gentleman with an impossibly strong Italian accent, adds considerably to the atmosphere too.

The object of C's food envy

Not knowing about the pasta when we ordered, we both went for pizzas. Both of us are believers that simpler is better with Italian food: being able to do the basics well is a good measure of an Italian restaurant. With that in mind, A opted for a calzone and C for a margarita made with mozzarella di bufala.

C's choice: cheese geometry

In all, the food was good, although not stellar. As usual, A polished off his pizza in record time but found the Calzone to be a touch light on the cheese.  While it was clear from the consistency that the sauce was made up fresh on site, the sweetness in the tomatoes was almost overpowering and the pizza was generally a little light on the herbs and seasoning.   C was unable to finish her pizza but had good things to say: the sweetness of the tomato sauce was complemented by the basil and the richness of the buffalo cheese in what was a very balanced dish.  We cannot comment on either starters or desserts as we were not hungry enough for either, but there are some tempting things on the menu in this respect. We were particularly interested in the chocolate pizza, which sounded very cool and comes in 7"and 11" sizes (the latter being for the really hardcore chocoholics - even C, in her quest for The Best Chocolate in the World, couldn't face it).

To wrap up, the Real Man Pizza Company is certainly a novel experience; after all, it's not every day that you see Manx and Italian fusion food. Whether it quite works is another matter - it's rather too clearly geared towards London's hipster and creative community -  but the joint is certainly worth a look and represents good value for money.  If you are serious about your Italian food, however, this place is possibly not for you. If you know your eats in Clerkenwell there are better options out there - our favourite Italian joint is only a stones throw away.


  1. Tend to agree but thought you were rather generous in your comments.There are many better restaurants in the area.


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