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Tell me more about what you do...
Well, my job is two-fold, really: half the time I write, and half the time I do a variety of digital and social media-related projects.
As a freelance writer, I do things like review restaurants for View London, write copy for different food and beverage, health, beauty, interior design, fashion, entertainment and travel brands, and scribble various other bits for newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. 
As a freelance social media and digital strategist, I help to create, develop, implement, analyse and evaluate online campaigns for many brands across the consumer and lifestyle sectors - again, specialising in food and beverage, health and beauty and with interior design, fashion, entertainment and travel thrown in too. I handle things like social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+, etc; blogger outreach and relations; community management; digital marketing, and so on.

How did you get into freelance writing / social media?
Well, very simply - I've always wanted to write. It was my first true love and 'being a writer' was always my dream and aspiration - so I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to make this part of my career!
My route so far went a little like this: I studied for a degree in linguistics at university and, after graduating, I fell into digital PR. After stints working for a variety of brilliant firms working on great clients, I started to dabble in a bit of freelance journalism on the side.
In 2011, I decided to go freelance, combining both journalism and copywriting and digital/social media. I now take on a range of freelance commissions and I've worked for PR agencies, advertising agencies, publications and in house with brands, as well as with digital and social media agencies.
I specialise in food and beverage and health clients, having worked for brands such as Weight Watchers, innocent drinks, McDonalds, De'Longhi, Lindt, Pfizer, Yakult, Boots Cosmetics, Avon, Molton Brown, Bare Escentuals and Molson Coors brands Coors Light, Cobra, Carling and Singha. I've also done a fair bit for interior, fashion, entertainment and technology clients.

How do I get in touch with you?
You can contact me here, or tweet me! 


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