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Pasteis de Nata: Portuguese Treats

One of the places that both C and A have got to know (independently) over the last couple of years is Portugal. Neither of us had really spared much time for the place, assuming that it was a kind of afterthought of Spain but with more cod and quirky fortified red wine and a language that sounded like the love child of Spanish and Russian. This view was completely unfair to the place. As it transpires, Portugal's a great little country with a rich culture and history all of its own. The black and white cobbled streets of Lisbon and Porto and the dusty plains of the Alentejo beguiled us bit by bit, and A even took the time whilst on a break between jobs to learn a bit of the language and make some friends there. The cuisine is also fabulous: true, there is a lot  of bacalhau (salt cod) available if you want it and this is somewhat of an acquired taste, but this is far from the only signature dish of the country. Sadly, we've discovered that  piri piri  chicken is actuall

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