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Round-Up: Culinary Highlights of 2018 (Jan-March)

The first quarter of 2018 has been nothing if not eventful: for A, this entailed working pretty hard at the office on a few major deals and for C this entailed finishing at one job, a good few weeks of gardening leave travelling the world (the actual dream), and starting at a new job. Phew!

In all of this, we've done a fair bit of culinary exploring this quarter. Here are the most read posts of the last few months on the blog...
Our most-read post this quarter... Was our scathing review of ByChloe, the hideous new vegan eatery in Covent Garden where we experienced truly terrible food, abysmal service and an all-round horrible time. We're not sure whether to take the fact that this was our most popular post as testament that people agree with us, or that you like basking in our misery (haha) - or both?! ;)

Runner up for most-read post this quarter... Was an altogether nicer place, our local favourite The Greenhouse, between New Cross and Deptford. Greenhouse, we love you! 

And fin…

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