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Masala Wala Cafe, Brockley

Every so often, we find a complete gem of a local restaurant and end up wondering how we went so long without it. Masala Wala Cafe is one such place.
It's over in Brockley, which isn't all that far away from us over in Greenwich/Deptford borders - but for some reason, we'd never really ventured there until fairly recently. There are a whole host of incredible eateries in Greenwich and Blackheath, and also now in Deptford (which is getting trendier by the day, something we've written about before) and we hadn't really felt the need. But we've been missing out!

A small venue with only a handful of tables, Masala Wala has a cosy, intimate feel, which is in-keeping with its family-run vibe. Set up and run by a mother and daughter team, it sets out its mission to "celebrate Pakistani cuisine for what it is, an art form". And yes, it certainly lives up to that claim.
Ooh, the food here is SO good. The menu changes regularly, but on this particular visit we…

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