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Brunch at The Lighterman, Kings Cross

It's fair to say that Kings Cross has transformed over the past few years. What used to be a regrettably seedy area has turned into a cool, almost trendy few adjacent courtyards filled with new builds and converted warehouses, each boasting a vast array of eateries. 
It may be perplexing for us London old timers to reappraise Kings Cross, but we're rapidly doing so. And aside from the problem that it's nigh on impossible to get a reservation anywhere, the restaurants are of a high standard: Granger & Co is truly excellent, deserving of all its praise, and the likes of German Gynasium and Caravan continue to be solid choices too.

The Lighterman is another such joint. On Granary Square, it's pretty achingly trendy from the outside: all floor to ceiling glass boxes and minimalist design. We'd been meaning to go for a while, but hadn't quite made it as yet, and so when arranging a Sunday brunch date with North London-based friends I and R (and baby D), it seeme…

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