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A & C Cook:The Perfect Chocolate Fondant (Attempt One)

Ah, chocolate fondants. The notoriously difficult dessert - so difficult, in fact, that even John Torode and Gregg Wallace do a sharp inhale when a Masterchef contestant says they're going to attempt it. And, fool that she is, C decided to give it a go and rustle up two as a first attempt for her and A on an evening in.

So, was it a success? Well - almost! The good news is that it was delicious, and also cooked to the point where it was certainly edible. The bad news is that, of the two we made, neither were perfectly cooked but one was pretty close, and we came away with some tips that we'll put into place for next time (which we'll try to blog with an "attempt two" later).

And look, we debated sharing this, but we think it's important to share the imperfect creations as well as the pretty and perfect ones too.

So, here are the ingredients and recipe, and below are the top tips we've picked up for next time. We followed this BBC Good Food gooey chocolate…

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